Why Serviced Accommodation In Peterborough Is Great For Families

May 3, 2022

If you've ever thought of visiting Peterborough with your family and automatically choose the hotel option because you didn't realise there was an alternative then read on.............

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and that means family holidays. While you are searching the internet for your next week or two away with the kids, you’re already struggling with rooms and costs! You may feel ready to try out a city break with the kids. However, hotels are expensive and often mean you’re all cramped in one room. Worse than that, if you have more than 2 kids or older kids, you need to have extra rooms with an adult in each. This really isn’t great for the ‘family holiday in Peterborough’ that you had in mind.

In this blog post we share just some of the reasons why serviced accommodation in Peterborough is great for families. If you haven’t tried serviced accommodation before, you’ll be surprised at the space you get for the affordable price. Read on to find out more.

·        Space

As we have already touched on, space is a big plus when it comes to serviced accommodation. Instead of the whole family being in one or two rooms, you have the whole house to yourself. It’s like a home from home. You’ll have separate bedrooms, a lounge and dining area, along with the kitchen too. You’ll have all the space you have at home, but with the relaxation of a holiday.

·        Food

Holiday spending can quickly add up when you are eating out all the time. Plus, sometimes you just really want to relax with a nice home cooked meal, or a simple meal of beans on toast. You’ll have your own kitchen where you can cook whatever you choose. You will also have a fridge so you can have real milk for a cup of tea, not like the cartons of milk in a hotel. There is no need to worry about what time the hotel breakfast is served, because you can make breakfast yourself or pop out to a local café.

·        Cost

When it comes to bigger families, cost is a huge factor when it comes to holidays and city breaks. Some hotels charge per person, while others charge per room. Then, if your kids are teenagers, the prices will take another hike. It’s not like that when you book our serviced accommodation in Peterborough. You pay for the house with a small surcharge per extra person after 2 people (generally £10-£15 per person depending on the size of the house). The longer the stay, the more discount we can offer too.

While Peterborough may not seem like the perfect place for a family holiday, there is loads to do in the local area. From the football stadium, ice rink and bowling alleys to the cinema, theatres, outdoor swimming pool, museum, zoos and farms. There really is something for everyone when you have a family city break in Peterborough.

Maybe you or your partner are working in Peterborough during the school holidays? Our serviced accommodation means that you can all stay away together. When your partner isn’t working you can all go out together, while they are working you can enjoy the shops in town or local attractions.

Looking to plan your family city break in Peterborough and want to know more about our serviced accommodation? Call our team now.

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