Housing market still buoyant

Apr 20, 2021

Sales are up! Demand is up! The housing market is still on a high!

The national average price of property coming to market has hit a new all-time high of £327,797 according to Rightmove 

following a 2.1% (+£6,733) monthly jump


With 145,000 properties newly marketed in March and demand exceeding this, there is still not enough stock to meet buyer demand


The number of houses selling within a week reached its highest ever level and the number of sales agreed are up by 55% on the same period two years ago


With both the average number of days to sell a property reaching its lowest ever level, and the number of houses selling within a week reaching its highest ever, the housing market still looks buoyant.


What has bought about this change and is it sustainable?


Whilst the pandemic has obviously played a great part in people’s requirements (working form home, needing a bigger garden etc.), it would appear the housing market has benefitted from the situation. Great news for sellers, more difficult for buyers. Without a crystal ball, it is virtually impossible to gauge what will happen next but here at TJ Property and Development we believe there has never been a better time to invest in property than now.

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