About Us

About Us

To make a successful business you must have the right relationships both with your clients but equally as important, with your colleagues. After thirteen years of working together as husband and wife, we knew we had the ‘X Factor’ to enable us to start an exciting new chapter in our lives by ‘Going it alone’!

Our passion has always been property and the joy and financial rewards it can bring.

Although we’d ‘dabbled’ in property, this was done by using the traditional way; saving for years for a deposit.  We soon learnt that's an extremely slow and long process of investment. We realised that if we carried on that way, we’d be sentenced to retire at the same age as everybody else, caught up in the ‘rat race’.

We wanted results faster than that.

So, we set our noses to the grindstone.  We devoured as many property books as we could.  We booked ourselves onto course after course.  We listened to hours of property podcasts.  In fact, we lived and breathed property for month after month until we finally understood how to make it work.

It’s been a long and sometimes painful journey.  There have been roadblocks along the way.   There has been self-doubt and a host of questions we’ve had to answer:  Can we make this property financially viable? Will the refurbishment come in on budget? Will the Surveyor down-value the property? Are we totally compliant with current legislation?

And as we have learned, most of these obstacles were in our own heads.  We developed the confidence to use our knowledge and expertise.  We’ve overcome doubts and pitfalls to make our property business a resounding success.    

We’d like you to join us in that success.

Come on the journey with us.  Whether you’re looking for your forever home, a ‘stop gap’ in between, or want to start investing in property, with our experience and knowledge, we can help to get you home.

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