Serviced Accommodation or Hotel?

Mar 30, 2022

Why should I choose Serviced Accommodation over a Hotel?

If you are off on holiday for a week, working away or travelling for another reason, you will be faced with a lot of choices of places to stay. Previously, the only option for someone was to stay at a hotel. However, now the world has changed for business and leisure travellers. Why not consider serviced accommodation instead of a hotel room. In this blog post we look at serviced accommodation vs a hotel room to help you see which one you might prefer for the next time you stay away.

Firstly, let’s quickly look at what a serviced accommodation is. It is still a relatively new prospect to a lot of people. A serviced accommodation is a fully furnished home. It is available for long or short-term stays from 2 nights to a few months for example.

Now you know what serviced accommodation is, let’s look at serviced accommodation vs a hotel room.

·        Living Space

Hotel rooms can be quite small. The space is made up of your bed, maybe a desk, a small wardrobe or space to hang your clothes, then the bathroom. In serviced accommodation you have a lot more living space. Experts have reported that you have between 30% and 50% more living space in serviced accommodation than a hotel room. This is because your serviced accommodation is like a home. You’ll have a separate lounge with a sofa and TV, a dining area with table and then a separate bedroom too.

·        A Kitchen

Staying at hotels with the same menu and food choices every day, can get boring quickly. If you are staying away for more than a couple of nights, you’ll want to try different food and maybe even cook for yourself one evening. While this isn’t possible in a hotel, it is possible in serviced accommodation. You’ll have your own kitchen where you can store your own food, cook up a storm or keep leftovers from your previous dinner for future meals.

·        Cost Differences

A hotel room is a set price, if you have two hotel rooms it will be double the price. If you have three hotel rooms, it will be triple the price. You won’t get a bulk booking discount until you book 10 or even 15 rooms. However, when you stay in serviced accommodation you pay for the home, not for the bedrooms. This means that if you need extra rooms for colleagues, friends or family, the extra charge is minimal (typically between £10-£15 per person per night) Length Of Stay

Hotels are designed for shorter stays. After a few days, unless you’re on holiday somewhere abroad, a hotel can get pretty boring very quickly. Meanwhile serviced accommodation is like a home from home. Instead of leaving the hotel to go home at weekends, your family or friends could come and stay with you in your serviced accommodation. It will be like a mini getaway. You’ll find that our serviced accommodation is like a home from home.

Why not experience the differences between a hotel room and serviced accommodation for yourself. Call us now to book a stay. We know you’ll be impressed.

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